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Oliver/Cockshutt 1250-A, 1255, 1265, 1355, 1365, 1450, 1465
White 1270, 1370, 1470, 2-50 & 2-60, 700
Minneapolis Moline G-350 & G-450
Allis Chalmers 5040, 5045 & 5050
and many Hesston and TUMOSAN models
and all Long models built by UTB:

Crankshafts for all models listed above but the 1450, 1465, & 1470. Pistons, rings, sleeves, and bearings; gasket sets; water pumps and oil pumps; clutches; hydraulic pumps and power steering pumps; steering arms and spindles, leveling box for the 3PTH, sheet metal, starters and alternators, instruments and sending units, etc...

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CONTROL CABLES! Fuel, clutch, and hydraulic all here!

Engine Parts

Shortblocks and Complete Engines
Full Engine Rebuild Kits
Crankshafts, Camshafts, Connecting Rods, Oil Pumps, and Valve Kits
Pistons, Rings, and Bearings
Full Engine Gasket Sets and Front & Rear Main Seals



Individual Gaskets from End to End

Filter maintenence packages for your Fiat tractor--buy the entire set by clicking HERE.

Or, buy individual filters by clicking HERE.

1250, 411R, 411RG PARTS!

and you thought it was hopeless....

Mufflers, Exhaust Elbows, and Intake and Exhaust Manifolds

Starters & Alternators
Starters, alternators, voltage regulators, charge control relays, and thermostarts for Fiat-built tractors.

Cooling System Parts

Water pumps, thermostats, rad hoses, and fan belts: ITP'S got 'em!

Fuel System Parts

Fuel injection pumps, injectors, and fuel transfer pumps!

Hydraulic & Power Steering Pumps
Hydraulic pumps, power steering pumps, and connecting accessories.

Front End & Steering Parts

Spindles, steering arms, tie rod ends, steering gearboxes, etc...

Front & Rear Wheels

Front Wheel Assist Parts

Axle shafts, U-Joints, bearings & seals, etc...
Front Wheel Assist or 4x4 Parts coming for
1250, 1250-A, 1255, 1355, & 1450 tractors!

Transmission Parts
Gears, synchro rings, bearings, seals, etc... Gear shifter for 6 speed tractors, shifter rails, forks, and knobs, also.
Also on this page, Final Drive Bearing and Seal Kits!

NEW! Reduction Gear Assemblies!

Brake Parts

NEW! Parking Brake Parts!

Drawbar and Three Point Hitch Parts

Drawbars, levelling boxes, lift arms, draft sensing springs, and internal parts.

Sheet Metal

Complete sheet metal--including fenders!--for Fiat-built models!

Instrument Panel Parts!

New instrument panels-including bezel, all guages, warning lights, and associated wiring-for Fiat-built Oliver, Cockshutt, Minneapolis Moline, White, Allis Chalmers and Hesston models! Guages available individually, also, plus fuel sending units and tach drive cables, ignition switches, starter switches, and oil pressure and water temperature sending units. Make your dash look and work like new! Also, new WIRING HARNESSES!

Headlights for various Fiat and UTB-built tractors, and fender lights for White 700 and Hesston 66, 80, and 90 Series tractors.



Fiat Tractor Equivalency Table

Simple maintainence tips for your Fiat tractor

Deciphering the Code on a Fiat Tractor's Engine Tag

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Serial Number List for Oliver/Cockshutt, and White Tractors