Maintenance Tips

Here are some ideas to help keep your Fiat-built Oliver, Cockshutt, MM, AC, White, or Hesston tractor in good operating condition, and save it from un-necessary wear and tear and repair:


The above can't be overstated. These units tend to build up greasy residue on top of the engine, and against the firewall. Organic debris such as chaff and leaves will stick to this, and cause more buildup. This buildup can lead to a DISASTEROUS FIRE under the hood of these tractors, which can destroy the tractor, and any building it is stored in or near. Once a year, take a pressure washer and wash down everything under the hood of your tractor; if you ever do have a fire for other reasons, there'll be much less fuel for it, making it easier to extinguish, and less likely to completely destroy your tractor. Fix all leaks; replace all leaking gaskets, seals, or lines! Real important items on these tractors to replace to prevent fires are the valve cover gasket and the fuel injector leak-off lines & washers. They contribute the foundation material to begin the petroleum/organic/petroleum/organic buildup on the top of the engine. So: clean your tractor thoroughly and keep it clean. It's time very well spent. You'll be glad you did. It's cheap insurance, and a rare insurance policy that pays off right away; a clean tractor is ever so much more pleasant to own, operate and service. You can see the alternative below...

This was once a sweet White 2-60 FWA--don't let this happen to YOUR tractor!


This is a big one with Oliver/Cockshutt 1355, 1365, MM G450, AC 5040 (8 & 12 speed only) 5045 & 5050, White 1370, 2-50, 2-60, and all Hesston tractors: Leave the PTO shift lever dis-engaged when you are not using the PTO, and re-engage the clutch lever!, This will save the thrust bearings on the crankshaft from premature wear, and possible damage to both the crankshaft and the cylinder block.


Sudden loss of hydraulic power in your Oliver/Cockshutt 1250-A, 1255, 1265, 1355, 1365, MM G350 & G450, AC 5040, 5045 & 5050, White 2-50 & 2-60, and Hesston 350, 420, 445, 480-8, & 640 tractors? Don't order a new pump yet--check the hydraulic filter canister(on the return line right behind the hydraulic pump) for a crack where it joins to the line coming from the rear end of the tractor. If no crack is visible, but there is weeping there, the line is cracked, and the system will be drawing air, and therefore may have failed suddenly, or you could experience intermittent loss of hydraulic power. Replace it with a new line, and your problems will be over.


All tractors: make sure there is no water in the final drive housings; pull the drain plug and let any water run out until lubricant shows, and refill with 80/90 gear oil if necessary


All tractors: Hard starting in the winter? Test your thermostart plug for proper operation by turning on the ignition switch, and turning the starter switch to the first position clockwise and hold for 20 seconds. A warm manifold in the area of the thermostarter is indicative of proper operation. If not, have a helper hold the starter switch in position, and check for electrical current at the thermostart. If there is current, you need a new thermostarter unit. Click here for a new one. No current? Check your connections, and, if they are OK, then you need a new starter switch.