Economically-priced Parts For the "Li'l Gray Fergie"

(All prices now quoted in US Funds)

Most service parts for your Ferguson. Pistons, rings, sleeves, and bearings; gasket sets; water pumps and oil pumps; clutches; hydraulic pumps and power steering pumps; steering arms and spindles, 3PTH parts, sheet metal, starters and generators, voltage regulators, instruments and sending units, etc...

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Fergie Governor & Timing Parts

Service & Repair Manuals for Ferguson Tractors.

Manifolds & Exhaust Pipes & Mufflers

Starters, Generators, Voltage Regulators, and Alternator Conversion Kits for your Ferguson tractor.

Water pumps, thermostats, radiators, rad hoses, and fan belts: ITP'S got 'em!

Carburators, Carb Kits, Fuel Tanks, Fuel Pumps, Glow Plugs, etc...

Front End Parts, Wheel Bearings, Steering Wheels, etc...

Brake Parts

Transmission Parts

Sheet Metal! Hoods, Grilles, Emblems, Side Panels, Decals, and Fenders for Ferguson tractors!

Lighting System Parts!
Restoration Quality, Exact Replacements for the Originals for Ferguson tractors!

Tractormeters, tractormeter drive cables, guages, ignition switches, and starter switches.
Make your dash look and work like new!

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