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If you are using a front end loader, and have a light duty round tube front axle on your 2 wheel drive tractor, ITP now offers a Heavy Duty Loader Axle Kit for your 2 wheel drive tractor. They are much stronger than the round tube units, and will not bend or cause front end bouncing when you are using a loader with heavy loads.

This kit consists of a new U-Channel center beam (with pivot pin bushings), matching spindle housings, along with a new right hand and a new left hand spindle, spindle bushings, and a seal and castleated nut for each spindle. You re-use your pivot pin, hubs, wheel bearings and spacers, tie rods, and steering arms. (If you need new wheel bearings, now is a good time to buy them).

Just jack up your tractor under the oil sump, remove the front wheels, and pop the inner tie rod ends from the center steering arm, and the outer ones from the spindle steering arms. Remove the steering arms from the spindles and drop the spindles out. Now remove the bolts through the spindle housings and center tube (you'll need them to assemble the new axle). Next place a high-lift jack under the center beam, remove the pivot pin retaining screw (right in the front, pointing down), and pull the pivot pin out of the center tube using a sliding weight or hammer puller, threaded into the end of the pivot pin, and catch the center tube thrust washers, and lower the old axle assembly to the ground, being careful to balance it due to its unstable nature. Disassemble the hubs and bearings from the old spindles, and clean thoroughly in parts washing solution or solvent.

Now, replace the round center tube with the new, inverted 'U' one, installing a thrust washer at the front and back of the pivot pin, then replace the pivot pin set screw, locking the unit in place. Assemble the spindle housings, spindles, hubs, bearings (repack well with new grease), and steering arms into their subassemblies, and install them in the center beam. Hook up the tie rods, remount the wheels and tires, and you're done. Your tractor will now bear far more weight up front than before.

Detail showing difference between light duty round tube (left), and heavy duty inverted 'U' (right) front axles

HD Front Axle Kit, for:

Oliver/Cockshutt 1250-A, 1255, 1265*
White 1270*
Minneapolis Moline G350
Allis Chalmers 5040, 5045
Long 350, 360, 445, 460, 510
UTB 350, 400, 445, 530
Fiat/Hesston 400, 450, 480, 500 tractors w/round tube front axle

* Note: for SN up to 310 480

Heavy, bulky item; extra shipping will be required

Enquire at itpbackup@hotmail.com

High Crop Front Axle Kit

For tractors with the inverted 'U' front axle, with this kit you can convert your tractor to a high clearance model. Just rotate the final drives down on the rear end, and add these tall spindle housings and spindles to your front axle, and you will now have a High Crop version of your tractor!

Tractors with the round tube front axle can still be converted to Hi Clearance, but will need an inverted 'U' center beam (extra)

Hi-Crop Front Axle Kit, for:

Oliver/Cockshutt 1265*, 1355, 1365
White 1270*, 1370, 2-50, 2-60
Minneapolis Moline G450
Allis Chalmers 5050
Fiat/Hesston 480-8, 640
all tractors w/Inverted "U" front axle

* Note: for SN 310 481 & up

Heavy, bulky item; extra shipping will be required

Enquire at itpbackup@hotmail.com

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