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ROPS or Roll Bars for Fiat/Hesston Tractors!
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You've asked for them, and now we've got them: new Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) for your Fiat or Long tractor!

SPECIAL: New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin residents:

70% Rebate program for a new, engineered, certified ROPS for your tractor!

You can buy your ROPS for this program through us! Call us at 613-646-7732 to arrange your rebate program purchase!
For NY, VT, NH, PA, MA, or WI residents, we can arrange a ROPS rebate program purchase for almost any make or model of tractor! You must be a resident of one of these states to apply. Keep in mind only certified ROPS qualify for this program, not home or shop built.

Click HERE to check out the rebate program website!

(As other states enter the program, we will add them here. If your state is not included, lobby your farm business bureau to get on board!)


To be certain your get the right ROPS for your tractor, you must call us first with your make, model, and fender style. Prices vary between $1090.00US and $1585.00US plus shipping depending on unit required. Call us at 613-646-7732 to get started!

Note that these are engineered, certified ROPS for your tractor; they are not built by a welding shop with no testing procedures in place. These units are specifically engineered and tested for the tractor model they are intended for. They will not fail or cause parts of your tractor itself to fail in the event of a rollover. Serious injury, disability, or death can still occur with a non-certified roll bar; faulty welds, lighter or corroded steel, improper-grade bolts, etc., can cause the roll bar itself to fail. Conversely, over-building a roll bar can cause tractor axle castings to snap off in the event of a roll over, still resulting in the operator being crushed! Don't mess with your life!

Steel and fibreglass canopies are also available with your new ROPS in colors to suit your tractor!