What Import Tractor Parts is All About

First allow me to introduce myself: my name is Danny Bowes, and I'm from eastern Ontario, Canada. I'm a 39 (er... make that 46) year old farmer, former rural paper carrier, and a tractor jockey/parts seller.

Tractors, and working with them, are my passion, and always have been.

I was born a farmboy. I'll always be one, one way or another; "you can take the boy out of the farm, but..."

Parts at the dealers almost always cost a small fortune. The consumers' having to pay inflated union wages and outlandish corporate boss salaries are part of what makes them so. It's you, the consumer, that paid for the dealer's swanky new house, beautiful new luxury car, that fancy new dually pickup, and those tropical paradise vacations and/or Carribean cruises that he takes each year! (And if you think he lives well, you should see HIS boss!)

It needn't have been so, but older tractors became so ridiculously expensive to maintain that owners often stopped doing so. Frustrated owners parked their tractors, or operated them in a continual state of disrepair. When the price of a few new parts became more than the entire tractor was worth in field-ready condition, who could blame them?

Without parts being sold in volume, naturally many new parts are no longer being provided by the dealers... and the ones that are available are often much too expensive. As a result, the folks that want to maintain their tractors either can't afford to, or can't find the parts, and that's where Import Tractor Parts comes in, and how it came to be.

I love what I do.

It all started with Fiat-built Cockshutt 1250 tractors...

With me being well-known in the older tractor circles, particularly Cockshutt, for nearly 20 years, many, many people contacted me, hoping I could provide them with obsolete parts for the 1250 models, and asked me for parts for them over and over, time and time again. Unfortunately, I never could help anyone out, but the continuous pleas for obsolete or reasonably-priced substitutes for over-priced parts didn't fall on deaf ears--I definitely was listening, and, over the course of time, became galvanized to do something about it, and thus, Import Tractor Parts was born.

Parts don't need to cost an arm and a leg. Useful tractors don't need to be derelicted or used at less than full-functionality because new parts aren't available.

ITP's mission is to provide parts for non-domestic tractors at a reasonable price, and to attempt to make previously-unavailable parts available once more, to keep your imported tractor running, and operating at it's best.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to give ITP a try!