Power Steering Kits for IH B-Series Tractors!

IH B-Series tractors are handy dandy little tractors, and are reasonable to buy, economical on fuel, easy to operate, nimble, and just generally user-friendly. That said, one shortcoming of the majority of them is that they only have manual steering. This is of moderate importance on bare tractors, and major importance on loader-equipped ones. A loader can seriously affect wear on the steering gearbox's components, especially the horizontal output shaft. This part can snap right off under duress. The addition of power steering, besides the obvious advantages of newfound comfort and convenience and added efficiency for the operator, is that the strain of steering the tractor is taken off of the steering gearbox, and placed on the frame of the tractor instead; the power steering ram pushes against a support bolted to the frame of the tractor, and the steering gearbox now only serves to (effortlessly) guide the ram's direction. Loader work not only becomes a breeze, but also becomes easier on both you AND your tractor. No more bracing your feet and 'reefing' on the steering wheel, and no more slowing down just to try to make your direction match your forward progress. All that is replaced with pleasant, effortless fingertip guidance of your tractor, and your pleasure of ownership and operation increases in direct accordance.

Another improvement made on your tractor with the addition of one of these kits is the fact that you receive a new hydraulic pump--with the power steering pump 'piggybacked' on it--for your tractor. Not only will steering become easier, but your 3PTH, loader, and remote hydraulic performance will be restored to 'like new' levels.

Due to continous demand--and after one false start--ITP has now managed to source direct bolt-on power steering kits for the IH B-Series tractors! These kits will work with the B-275, 276, 354, 364, B-414, 434, and BRITISH 444 tractors.

These kits WILL NOT work with a 424 or Louisville 444 tractor; these models have different front axles from the rest.

To identify your 444 tractor as non-compatible model, check its front axle--if it has a round tube, SWEPT BACK front axle, this kit will not fit.

These kits include everything you need to convert your tractor from manual steering to effortless power steering, and can be installed in a few hours by anyone with moderate mechanical skills.

Please note that these kits may cause some compatibility issues with the mounting of certain loaders, and some refabrication of the rear anchor mount of the hydraulic ram may be necessary. All tractors will require conversion to an electric fuel pump (not included)for PS pump clearance. Underslung exhaust Diesel tractors will need to be converted to vertical exhaust by turning the manifold upside down and installing a vertical muffler neck. Please let us know if you have a Diesel tractor with underslung exhaust, and we will include the exhaust neck and manifold gaskets at no charge. Gasoline tractors may require more work to retrofit to this system.

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IH B-275, B-414 276, 354, 364, 434, BRITISH 444 power steering kit: $1250.00US

Consider that the power steering pump price alone for these tractors is regularly between $725.00 and $1200.00US, and that you receive a new hydraulic pump for your tractor at the same time and you will realize what a bargain these complete kits are!

IH B-Series PS Kit, for:

IH B-275 & B-414
276, 354, 364, 434
444 BRITISH tractors


Forget the sweat--equip your B-Series tractor with effortless power steering today! :-)


IH B-275, A-414, B-414
276, 354, 364, 434, 444 tractors


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