Parts for the Oliver & Cockshutt 1250 & 411R

Parts Manual, for:
Oliver/Cockshutt 1250 Gas & Dsl


Service Manual, for:
Oliver/Cockshutt 1250 Gas & Dsl


Owner's Manual, for:
Oliver/Cockshutt 1250 Gas & Dsl


1250, 415, & 411R parts galore!

1250 Engine Parts!

1250 Fuel System Parts

1250 Cooling System Parts

More 1250 & 411R Parts:

muffler(upright)-gas, Diesel

Complete horizontal exhaust systems!

Front End Parts

front wheel hub bearings and seals
front wheel hub cap
front wheel mounting bolts
axle pivot pin-Diesel
axle pivot pin bushing-Diesel
steering knuckle(L & R hand)-Diesel
steering arm knuckle-Diesel
steering knuckle bearings(FWD)
tie rod end(outer)
tie rod end(FWD)
tie rod end and tube(inner L hand)

Steering Gear:

Steering wheel(keyed)
steering gear output shaft bushings and seals


clutch pedal return spring
clutch pedal bushing
brake pedal return spring
propeller shaft
synchronizer clip
synchronizer cup
coupling gear
shift fork
shift knob
PTO shaft seal

Rear Axle:

brake bands
axle bearing
bull gear bearings(inner and outer)
rear wheel center mounting bolts
rear wheel rim(13x28 for 14.9x28 tire)
rear wheel rim(14x30 for 14.9x30 & 16.9x30 tires)
rear wheel rim mounting bolts and nuts(rim to disc center)

Three Point Hitch:

lift control spring hydraulic pump-GAS
stabilizer chain and turnbuckle
stabilizer chain and turnbuckle(heavy duty)


hood latch handle(SN 711542>)
hood latch hook


12 volt starter(below)
24 volt starter rebuild kit(below)
24 volt starter armature(3 spline)
24 volt starter armature(6 spline)
24 volt brush set
24 volt bushings
24 volt starter drive(3 spline)
24 volt starter drive(6 spline)
24 volt heater plug(starting aid)-Diesel


12 Volt Conversion Starter for:
Oliver/Cockshutt 1250 Gas & Dsl
Cockshutt 411R, 411RG
Fiat 411R, 41RG, 415
Hesston 411R



Complete rebuild kit for the original 24 volt starter!
Includes new armature, set of 4 brushes, two end bushings, and a new pinion(starter drive)assembly! (Specify either 3 spline or 6 spline for armature & pinion)
$425.00 + shipping