Parts for the Oliver & Cockshutt Fiat 1250, 411R, & 415

Parts Manual, for:
Oliver/Cockshutt 1250 Gas & Dsl


Service Manual, for:
Oliver/Cockshutt 1250 Gas & Dsl


Owner's Manual, for:
Oliver/Cockshutt 1250 Gas & Dsl


411R, 411RG, 415, & 1250 parts galore!

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More 1250 & 411R Parts:


clutch pedal return spring
clutch pedal bushing
brake pedal return spring
propeller shaft
synchronizer clip
synchronizer cup
coupling gear
shift fork
shift knob
PTO shaft seal

Rear Axle:

axle bearing
bull gear bearings(inner and outer)
rear wheel center mounting bolts
rear wheel rim(13x28 for 14.9x28 tire)
rear wheel rim(14x30 for 14.9x30 & 16.9x30 tires)
rear wheel rim mounting bolts and nuts(rim to disc center)

Three Point Hitch:

lift control spring hydraulic pump-GAS
stabilizer chain and turnbuckle
stabilizer chain and turnbuckle(heavy duty)


hood latch handle(SN 711542>)
hood latch hook